C&D League

The Cambridge and District League was formed more than a century ago and is the oldest bowls league in the area. It currently runs five divisions with approx 11 teams in each.

Standard rules are followed but with some important differences:

The jack is not centred when cast (‘roving cot’) but must not rest closer than one yard from the edges of the rink.

Only bowls within one yard of the jack are counted.

Bowls which touch or stray over the confines of the rink are removed

There are no dead ends.

Players may change position at changeover of ends at any time during the game.

There are no trial ends and a maximum of one shot is allowed on the first two ends.


in the 2012 season we were winners of the Division 5 title and were promoted to Div 4. We also made it through to the Champion of Champions Final where we lost narrowly to Sawston B.C.

In 2013 we finished 4th in Div 4 and in 2014 we finished 7th. More room for improvement.

In 2015 that improvement came and we gained promotion to Div 3.

In 2017 we managed to come second by one-half point and so were promoted to Div 2.

Match results and league tables can be found using the link below:

C&D League