Foxton Midweek League

The match shall consist of three rinks of triples, centre jack for 18 ends, EBA rules apply.

The league is intended mainly for the retired, and to introduce beginners to the game. Also some clubs have people on shift work or who are unable for other reasons to get a regular game in the evenings, these are all quite welcome to play.

In the event of a club being a player short on a rink the other two players may bowl four woods each but this of course should very much be the exception. In this situation the team bowling the 9 woods would always, after the jack has been cast by the winners of the previous end, bowl the first wood and consequently the last wood.

Scoring:- one point to be awarded for each rink plus two points for the overall highest shot score, a total of five points in all.

In the event of inclement weather captains may, preferably, agree to rearrange the match, should this not be feasible the captains should agree to tie the match and share the points.

To facilitate the re-arranging of postponed matches the prescribed season can be extended into the first week of September with matches being allowed on any day from Monday to Friday with the normal 2.30pm start.

If a match is started it may be stopped by agreement of the captains after ten ends, scores at that point to stand.

Teams should give at least three days notice to their opponents if they for any reason cannot fulfill the fixture on that date. Captains or secretaries should then try to rearrange the fixture to suit both parties. In the event of any side defaulting or cancelling the fixture at less than three days notice (other than because of the weather) the offending club shall concede the match and their opponents shall be awarded the five points together with ten shots. It is hoped that this situation will not arise.

Refreshments should be kept to a minimum with just a cup of tea or coffee and a biscuit after the match.

The league will be determined by the total points won and in the event of a tie by shot difference.

The Foxton Midweek League AGM will be held on the first Wednesday of October and hosted by the league winners.

The results should be notified by phone- 01223 501126 or by e-mail to:-

Postcards or mail to:  Ken Sellen, 26 St. Laurence Road, Foxton, Cambridge CB226SF

A league table will be circulated from time to time.

Enjoy your games and the company of your opponents.     Updated 02/10/2014